Ellen Hopkins is a well-known writer probably best known for her Crank series and for her style of writing, which is written in verse style.

She is fifty seven years of age and was born on March the 26 in Long Beach California. Ellen Hopkins was adopted by a couple, Albert C. Wagner and Valeria. Ellen was raised by older parents, Albert C. Wagner was seventy two years old, and was born in 1883 and Valeria was forty two years of age and she was born in 1912. Today, Albert would be one hundred and twenty nine years old and Valeria would be one hundred.

Ellen Hopkins got her experience with literature from her mother. She says “She inhaled literature and read to me every day from the time I was a baby until I finally told her to quit already. She also had me reading chapter books before kindergarten.” From her father, she learned: “the value of hard work and honesty.”

In 2000, Ellen Hopkins found her birth mother, who also wrote poetry. She tried to get in contact with her real father, but he did not want to recognize that he even had a daughter or that he had a relationship with her birth mother. Ellen Hopkins also has a half sister whose name is Fran. She has a son named Jason and a daughter named Cristal who is two years younger than her son. She also has a daughter named Kelly, whose father was awfully abusive. She met John Hopkins, in 1985 and they got married in 1991.

Ellen Hopkins has been writing all her life, but did not start making money from it until 1992. Since then Ellen has many novels under her belt, eleven books to be exact, nine of which are for young adults and two are for adults.

Her young adult books are: Crank, Glass, Fallout – these three are in a series – the main plot line that runs these novels is loosely based on her daughter’s struggle with Crystal Meth.  Burned, is about a Mormon girl who is tired of the way she has to live and tries to change her lifestyle. Identical, focuses on two sisters dealing with issues both within their family and within themselves. Impulse, features three characters that are dealing with their own issues and are at a hospital together. Perfect, is the sequel to Impulse and features Conner’s, a character in Impulse, sister. Tricks, is about five different teens who prostitute themselves for different reasons. Tilt is the final novel she’s written so far in the young adult section, it is technically the sequel to her adult novel – Triangles. It features the same teen characters that appear in Triangles.

Triangles, is her first novel written for adults and it features three women in the middle of their lives and who are dealing with their lives crisis. Collateral is second adult novel and it is about a woman who’s man goes off to serve in the war.

I have personally read seven out of her eleven novels that she has written. Each book I have read by Ellen Hopkins is amazing and outstanding. She takes me places I never even thought were imaginable. Her writing is impeccable and she captures emotions oh-so perfectly. She is able to provide all the details needed for the reader to have a thorough understanding with what’s happening. Her novels have made me feel all kinds of emotions, one second I am smiling and giggling and the next I am crying because something happened to one of my favorite characters.

If I tried to pick a favorite novel by her, I’d have a hard time choosing just one because each of her novels is wonderful in their own right. They all tell amazing stories and captivate me from the first page onward. I never lose interest in her novels and I can’t wait to read more of them. She is a talented and fantastic world.

In the world of writing, Ellen Hopkins is one of my idols. She has such an interesting story and upbringing and the passion that she exudes for writing pushes me to write. She is a huge inspiration to my writing and my passion and love of reading.

Ellen Hopkins will always be someone I hold up very high in my life.